First Fantasy Role-playing Game
based on Blockchain

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Blockchain for Adventure

Adventures in the blockchain.

Nekoyume has included players’ action information in a blockchain 
to implement fantasy role-playing in a decentralized environment.
When players hunt monsters, sleep, or give gifts to other players, this information is securely shared in a blockchain.

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Technology to determine fate,
Hash Random

Nekoyume devised a random consensus called  Hash random  to create a dynamic situation within the blockchain. A combination of hashes taken from blocks creates an algorithm that is hard to predict and ensures a deterministic outcome.

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Dungeon World

Simple and profound play based on Dungeon World

Nekoyume is a fantasy role-playing game based on Dungeon World. This rule, designed by Sage LaTorra and Adam Koebel, inherits the strengths of Apocalypse World and Dungeons & Dragons.

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What can I do?

⚔ Fight

You encounter a nearby monster and battle it. A result over 10 is a big success; if it is between 7 and 9, you will be counterattacked by the enemy. If you get 6 or less, something will go wrong.

💤 Sleep

Fall asleep in your bed and regain your hit point. If you are seriously wounded by an enemy, you can fight again after recovering your hit points by sleeping. If you are lucky, you might have a memorable dream.

🗣 Say

You can talk to players who is following you. If you leave something important, that story will be addressed by others.

➡ Send

You can pass on your items to other players. You can change your bandages to keep your colleagues from injury, or you can trade items for gold. Trading is the key to growth!

Players can grow bigger with Gold.

  • 🔼 Obtain a status bonus proportional to the amount held
  • 🤓 Obtain valuable items through composition
  • 🤝 Collect various items through trading

How can I earn Gold?

Buy gold at the Token Sales Event in August

Nekoyume Gold (NYG), which is available on the mainnet, will be sold in the form of the Ethereum ERC20 token. We will sell 21% of the total volume.1

Participate in the core team

During the intensive development period over the next year, 9% of the gold reserves will be distributed to the core team members in proportion to their contribution amounts. If you can help with development in any direction, please apply for support at or send a Pull Request for the opened issue.

Participate in the network

After launching the mainnet, you can obtain gold by providing a client based on the published code or creating a block by executing $ neko. It will be the largest of all rewards portions and will be the only way to earn Gold from 2019 on. The planned amounts over four years are as follows.

Miner & client incentive / 4y Reward Starting Year
134,553,600 16 2018
67,276,800 8 2022
33,638,400 4 2026
16,819,200 2 2030
8,409,600 1 2034

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1: Total volume represents the 20-year volume including four half-lives. After 2038, block reward will be fixed at 1, resulting in inflation of about 0.5% per year.